Young or old, your health is in your own hands.

Stressed out?

Have concerns about your health (or the future of healthcare)?

You're not alone.

Making successful and lasting changes to your health is more critical than ever before.

It's become painfully clear that your personal health determines how resilient you are in the face of challenges...

Is your personal health status vulnerable?

Everyone has aches and pains that show up.... and they don't really go away if you ignore them.  In fact, ignoring the small problems of today will likely lead to much bigger problems down the line. 

Challenges in life are inevitable--pain, stress, and illness don't need to be among them.

12 Weeks of detailed instruction. Unlimited Access option. A complete practice with supporting theory, instruction, and personal guidance:

Insight Qigong™

If you have a body--this was literally designed for you.

  • Improve and maintain your health (physical, mental, and emotional).

  • Increase and strengthen your immune system.

  • Experience more energy, better balance, and mental clarity.

  • Eliminate pain, inflammation, and stress.

  • Live better! Get more life out of life--age with grace, agility, and joy!

What Is Insight Qigong?

Insight | ˈinˌsīt | :

The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing: an instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing.

Qigong | ˌCHēˈ- gông |:

The acquired skill of cultivating and maintaining Qi energy—or vital life force energy.

Utilizing traditional lineage wisdom and modern, practical understanding, Insight Qigong was developed by a Qigong Master and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Designed to optimize your health and energy, Insight Qigong is structured around a moving form consisting of postures, coordinated breathing, and focused intention.

Highly adaptable and accessible, this practice is available to anyone with a desire to actively and effectively improve their well-being.

Insight Qigong™ Online

Here we offer an online version of the entry point of the Insight Qigong program (IQ.1 & IQ.2) conveniently presented so you can learn at your own pace, on your own timeline.

The Course Curriculum

Insight Qigong™ | Entering The Practice

  • 1

    [Start Here] Welcome!

    • Insight Qigong User Agreement

    • How To Navigate This Course

    • What's Qigong?

    • Establishing YOUR Insight Qigong Practice

    • Caution and Common Sense

  • 2

    [WK 1] Insight Qigong

    • Watch Me! (Intro to the Insight Qigong form)

    • Insight Qigong (Full Form)

    • Insight Qigong Postures

  • 3

    [WK 2] Yin & Yang: It's Not Just For Bumper Stickers & Tattoos!

    • [Wk 2] Welcome to Week 2!

    • Structural Basics

    • Yin & Yang

    • Posture #1: The Luminous Heart

    • Insight Qigong (Full Form)

  • 4

    [WK 3] The Jing-Who?

    • The Jingluo

    • Posture #2: Clear Rivers

    • Insight Qigong (Full Form)

  • 5

    [WK 4] Wei Qi & Immunity: Fact Vs. Delusion

    • Ying Qi & Wei Qi

    • Posture #3: Sun & Moon Revolve

    • Insight Qigong (Full Form)

  • 6

    [WK 5] Free and Easy Wanderer...

    • The Free Flow Of Qi

    • Posture #4: Calm The Green Dragon

    • Insight Qigong (Full Form)

  • 7

    [WK 6] Happy Emperor, Happy Kingdom

    • The Happy Emperor

    • Posture #5: Tranquil Clouds

    • Insight Qigong (Full Form)

  • 8

    [WK 7] Everybody Poops--You Should Too.

    • Have A Happy, Healthy Digestive System

    • Posture #6: Turning The Earth

    • Insight Qigong (Full Form)

  • 9

    [WK 8] Treasure Hunt!

    • The Dāntiáns 丹田

    • Illuminate The 3 Treasures

    • Insight Qigong (Full Form)

  • 10

    [WK 9] The Universe & You...

    • Heaven, Earth, And You

    • Heaven & Earth Align

    • Insight Qigong (Full Form)

  • 11

    [WK 10] Energetic Turducken

    • The Tàijí Pole

    • The Luminous Heart

    • Insight Qigong (Full Form)

  • 12

    [WK 11] Bonus Material

    • Six Directional / Natural Breathing Training

    • Pulling Down The Heavens

    • Insight Qigong (Full Form)

  • 13

    [WK 12] Bonus Material

    • The 18 Points Of Proper Qigong Posture

    • Farewell!

    • Insight Qigong Full Form

  • 14

    PDA's & CEUs

    • Course Worksheet

    • Course Assessment Exam

    • Certificate Information For PDAs / CEUs

This is just a sample -- you'll receive 12 weeks of detailed instruction!

This online version of Insight Qigong includes the course content of both IQ.1 and IQ.2!

  • In this course you will learn the entire Insight Qigong set!

  • With detailed training in the posture, breath, and intention of each component...

  • And the Chinese Medicine Theory behind the practice (The How & Why it works)!

  • You will have step-by-step instructions the entire way.

  • Learn Qigong exercises for all the internal organs and functional systems!

  • Guidance on creating and maintaining YOUR personal Qigong practice!

What Others Are Saying:

"An Investment In Self-Awareness"

Sandra Rose - California

"I would say that the investment in self-awareness through the skills taught here can, and will, lead you to a healthy, comfortable old age."

"Grounded and Centered"

Kensey B - California

"This is by far the most grounded and centered 'energy medicine' I have ever experienced. So refreshing, real, and effective. Thank you!"

"The Real Deal"

Robert J. - Maine

"This is the real deal. If you are looking for an authentic experience of Qigong and exploration that is rich in depth, look no further."


Lee W. - Florida

“Whether you are interested in certification, or personal development, Dr. Sweeney’s teaching will expand your knowledge on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual. The program is personally transformational!”

"Compassion and Safety"

Lauri G. - New Mexico

“This program is so well designed and articulated, that even our transitions and changes are supported and encouraged with both compassion and a sense of safety.”

Meet The Master Instructor

Dr. Michael Sweeney

A Practicing Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, and Acupuncturist, Dr. Sweeney is also an ordained Daoist priest. Practicing within the Longmen pai (Dragons gate sect) 龙门派 of the Quanzhen lineage 全真, he is abbot of the Temple of the Luminous Heart. An International instructor of Medical Qigong, Chinese Medicine Theory, and Daoism, Dr. Sweeney is known for blending deep knowledge and insight with levity and playfulness. He is currently Director of Academics and Master Instructor at Red Thread Institute in the U.S.A., Director of Communications for the United States Daoist Association, and has served the Board of Directors as Vice President of the National Qigong Association (NQA). Dr. Sweeney can be found teaching Qigong and Chinese Medicine internationally to Medical professionals and inspired individuals looking for personal freedom in health & wellbeing.

Professionals Trusted By Professionals

We offer continuing education for healthcare specialists


  • Is Insight Qigong right for me?

    If you have a body, Insight Qigong was literally made for you. Our courses are taught in a way that tailors the instruction to what you need—right now. Simply put, if you want to manifest the best, happiest, and healthiest version of you possible—you might want to check this out.

  • How long does it take?

    Ultimately, that's up to you. The online course is designed as a 12 week progressive program—but you can choose do it at your own pace. Take your time, or dive right in—either way it will provide a lifetime of benefit.

  • I have __(insert condition)___. Can I do this?

    Everyday we train people from all walks of life! Many have health issues, injuries and physical limitations. We will work with you to make the practice work for you! At its heart and soul, Insight Qigong is a highly adaptable and accessible practice that you can do.

  • How much does it cost?

    That info is right below—scroll down a bit!

  • What am I waiting for?

    Good question.

The Investment

12 Weeks of detailed instruction. Unlimited Access option. A complete practice with supporting theory, instruction, and personal guidance:

Extras Included With Your Course:

  • Masterful Insight

    Direct access to our Master Instructor is included. Ask Questions--get answers, and watch your practice grow!

  • Bonus Material

    We've added extra Qigong exercises, techniques, and meditations to enhance and expand your personal practice.

Want To Be (And Stay) Healthy?

Insight Qigong™ Is For Built For You.

Avoid the pitfalls of poor health and mindless aging. If you're interested in a practical solution to better health, vitality, and general wellness--this is made for you. Whether you're 18 or 81, Insight Qigong--and beter health--is within your reach.